Life Lessons

So, I wrapped up last week’s post with these words:

Then I will wake up early Monday morning and check my post to be sure it’s published and that I didn’t miss a typo. And, I will have gotten through another holiday. I mean, it’s just a day, right?

And, I did just that. I not only made it through Mother’s Day, I truly enjoyed myself. We had a relaxing time, ate a lot, and stayed up way too late Saturday night solving all the world’s problems. My other son-in-law (Rachel’s widower) joined us Saturday at dinner and we got to hear all about his recent trip to Portugal and Italy. (Yes, I wished Rachel could have been with him, but I didn’t cry.)

I texted my daughter Sunday evening, told her we got home safe, and that I love her and that she makes me so proud to be her mother. She replied “I learned everything from you.” Such sweet words! But, I disagree with them.

She has been fortunate to have many strong role models in her life – my mother, for one. My mother doted on her grandchildren. When my girls were with my parents over summer break, the rules were more relaxed than I remember them being as a child. Because my mother was a teacher and had summers off, and my father was a semi-retired minister, days with the grandkids were not rushed and breakfast conversations often turned in to making lunch in pajamas. Still, it’s the example my parents set as a long-married couple that I’m most thankful my daughters witnessed.

I think as children we appreciate our grandparents more than we do our parents. I know I did. It wasn’t until I was grown and had my own children that I realized the hard job my parents had holding down jobs, raising two children, struggling to build their marriage and family under the watchful eyes of their parents and all the people they had grown up with in a small town. Everybody knows everything about everybody else.

But, I did learn some lessons from them. Almost ten years ago, in one week, I posted each day a life lesson I had learned from my parents. The older I get, the more I realize I could fill up an entire year posting about what they taught me. And, although I think my daughter is a better mother than I was, I hope I have passed along a legacy of lessons that will continue with my grandchildren and beyond.

Life Lessons (2014)

Life lesson from my parents #1: if you are waiting to fall in love with the perfect person, you’ll miss a lifetime with someone who is pretty darn close.

Life lesson from my parents #2: Spend as much time as possible hanging around people who are smarter than you are. Yes, they do exist.

Life lesson from my parents #3: It’s okay as a parent to say “I don’t know.” If it makes you feel any better you can throw in “Go ask your grandmother.”

Life lesson from my parents #4: It’s okay for kids to see dad pinch mom’s bottom. And vice versa.

Life lesson from my parents #5: Good manners don’t cost you anything. Use them liberally.

Life lesson from my parents #6: If you are at all wondering if what you’re wearing is inappropriate, you’re probably right. (Okay, this one’s mostly from my mother.)

Final installment in the series titled Life Lesson From My Parents: They were right. (Sigh)


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